Natural gas suction engines

MAMotec suction motors are the perfect choice when the emphasis is on heat generation in addition to power generation. MAMotec naturally aspirated engines have an approximately three to six percent higher thermal energy output than turbo engines. By using 3-way catalytic converters, even the strictest exhaust standards (Nox<100mg/Nm³) can be met without additional operating costs.

Type of engineCylinderConstruction typeCubic capacity in litersPower in kWETA mech.
MAG 33.3 S 313A3in-line3,33834,7
MAG 49.4 S 213A4in-line4,95637
MAG 74.6 S 213A6in-line7,48538
MAG 84.6 S 213A6in-line8,410039
MAG 13.6 S 113A6in-line12,714839
MAG 13.6 T 113A6in-line12,722540,5